Lifecycle Ceremonies


Baby Welcoming

Welcoming a new baby into the family is an exciting and nervewracking time.  Jewish tradition offers ritual to honor this moment.  I work with families to create welcoming rituals that reflect the traditions of the parents, and set the course for the religious life of the child.

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Bar Mitzvah

Whether you are turning 13 and becoming a bar mitzvah or becoming one as an adult, I help you mark this joyous occasion through the rituals of Judaism.  I will accompany you or your child as she prepares to take on this holy role.


Since 2014 I have accompanied many couples as they take their first steps towards marriage.  I create beautiful and meaningful wedding ceremonies that reflect the path each partner has taken to the day of their wedding.  Through premarital counseling and planning the ceremony, I get to know my wedding couples well so that the ceremony is as beautiful and meaningful as possible.  I love standing with a couple as they unite in marriage.

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